Current Projects

Cur­rent projects include:

RISE - A statewide ini­tia­tive to move from stand-alone Devel­op­men­tal Edu­ca­tion courses to a co-requisite model.

Col­lege and Career Ready Grad­u­ates — A statewide ini­tia­tive that “intro­duces the col­lege devel­op­men­tal math­e­mat­ics and devel­op­men­tal read­ing and Eng­lish cur­ricu­lums in the high school senior year.”

Devel­op­men­tal Edu­ca­tion Works — An NCADE Board project to pro­vide talk­ing points in sup­port of Devel­op­men­tal Education.

DRE Dis­cus­sion Forum — A dis­cus­sion forum cre­ated by NCADE Instruc­tor of Excel­lence Cherry Deal pro­vid­ing a place for Devel­op­men­tal instruc­tors and admin­is­tra­tors to share ideas and dis­cuss their work in our field.